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The important guide for the dating game

Spend time making sure it looks elegant, but not exaggerated, and it smells good, but not too much.

Do not smoke unless your partner smokes too and always shows consideration for others around you.

Have fun and have a drink, it will relax you if the dating game is stressful, but be careful not to drink too much and make a fool of yourself.

I’m sure you’ve heard it all before, but I’ll say it again, do not spend all your appointment insisting on yourself and without involving your appointment in the conversation. Be sure to show interest in what your date has to say, make an effort to find out what they are interested in and what their life is about. Look for common interests and common points and focus the conversation on things that you both like.

Never forget that sitting listening to someone talking about yourself will be extremely boring for most people and even more so in the dating game, so if you are willing to monopolize conversations, be prepared to take a step back, show a genuine interest in others and not just focus on yourself.

Show respect for your appointment, find some reason to congratulate them and show interest in them, even if in the first appearances you do not think they are right for you. The dating game has to do with knowing someone, it is a learning experience that you should take full advantage of, not just turn off because your appointment does not seem like you thought it would.

One of the most maddening things for me is when mobile phones constantly interrupt conversations. He is rude and shows a total lack of respect for the person he is with if he spends the whole night talking to another person. On the first date and at each subsequent date, turn off your mobile phone and give your partner your full attention.

Use the dating game as a learning experience and go out and have fun, never be anxious, overly demanding or sticky. Appointments is fun, enjoy the company and see how things develop.

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