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Should you date a cheating partner again

You have dated a person several times and can feel yourself falling in love with her. You could even see yourself forming a relationship with this person. Maybe you even have a relationship with the person when you discover they cheated in the past.

This is usually the point in the conversation when the needle is scratched in the record and everyone stops. What what? You are thinking. Did you cheat in the past and how do you expect me to trust you so you do not fool me? If you are a sensible person, that is the exact question you must ask next. On the other hand, we are all human and we all make mistakes. Should you forgive an instance of infidelity, assuming it was once, and forget that it ever happened? These are not easy questions to answer. The real answer is up to you, the way you feel about the other person, the length of your relationship and whether or not you can forgive someone for cheating.

Be cheated on sucks

If you have been cheated in the past, you probably have strong feelings about the practice. Nobody likes to be cheated. Are you alone at home, probably miss the person and intimate with another person? If you are tricked by suctions and if you have ever been a victim of cheating, you may find it difficult to forgive anyone who has cheated on someone else. You can even have contempt for such people.

Whose fault is it?

When your date tells you that they cheated in the past, you will usually hear a barrage of excuses below.

Things like:

I was drunk
I was bored in my relationship
My [wife / husband / girlfriend / boyfriend] did not [censored] in the bedroom
I did not feel satisfied
I felt lonely
Most of the time, alcohol and/or other drugs are involved. So who is to blame when someone cheats? Maybe the person was in a bad relationship and wanted to feel complete again. Maybe the person was weak when the person they cheated with approached them?

The point is that, sometimes, bad things happen to good people. Just because this person cheated on his ex does not necessarily mean they cheat on you. People can change and the old adage “, once a cheat is always a cheat”, is simply not true. If a person feels satisfied in their relationship, there is no reason to cheat, period.

If you forgive your appointment, it is best not to talk about it again and you should never leave it aside. They came clean to you because they want to change. Allow them and their relationship will be better for it. Demonstrate to your date that you trust him/her and make sure you give everything to the relationship so that both of you feel satisfied and that the issue of deception does not appear in the rest of the relationship.

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