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Rules of dating to go out with your wife after you cheated on her

A second chance after cheating on his wife is exactly what he has been dreaming about for a long time. The problem is that you’re not really sure how to make the most of it now that the time has come.

This is one of the most important appointments you will have in your life if you are sincere about saving your marriage and recovering your wife. You do not want to ruin it. So how do you make sure things go well on your first date together so you can be sure there will be more?

Follow these simple rules to set the right stage for your first date and you should have a good start.

1) Avoid the places that were special for you two in the past. In fact, avoid any place where you have had dates in the past. It is about building a new relationship and although nostalgia can be great at times, this is not one of them. What you want to do with this first date is not to continue where you left off, but to start from scratch. Make this a new place to represent your new beginning together.

2) Never take your wife to any place where you took the other woman. It does not matter how perfect it looks for the situation or how much you think your wife may like. This is simply not the place to take her to your appointment. Neither you nor your wife wants the other woman to be a shadow over your evening and will almost ruin your chances of recovering your wife if she ever finds out you went there while cheating on her.

3) Do not let your story complicate your future. Treat this date as if it were really your first date together. Leave everything you think you know about her at home and learn about your wife one more time. Also use this as an opportunity to win his heart for you again.

4) Do not make the mistake of believing that you already have this in the bag. Could not be farther from the truth. The love between you is a mark in your favor, but it is not a guarantee that things will change. You will have to work to recover it. She has been hurt. You have been hurt and there is a lot of history between you two.

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