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The 4 main reasons why a woman will cheat

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Women have asked ‘Why do men cheat?’ for years just to get a variety of excuses in return, like they’re not getting what they need at home, or one of my favorite phrases “It just happened.” But if we admit it, women are not perfect angels all the time either. I have had the opportunity to sit down with some women who have … left their relationships, at one time or another and compiled a list of what I have found to be the 4 main reasons why women cheat.

Number one:

The emotion of something new.

Let’s face it, relationships can be hard work, especially if you’ve already passed the infatuation stage and now you’re starting to notice things that do not particularly interest you in the behavior of the kids. Things that somehow eluded you before. Quotes, on the other hand, still retain that fresh scent of hope. There is a novelty in his smile, his look is sincere, and the possibilities seem endless and yes, frankly fun.

Number two:

They get fed up

This is the woman who is tired of playing the good girl. She has never cheated before, but she has always been deceived. She has fought repeatedly for her unsuccessful relationship and, although she loves her husband/husband with all her heart, eventually her actions charge a price. He begins to doubt the woman he is and begins to feel empty. She knows all about the 80/20 rule and the herb is a greener syndrome, but when you’re hurt and you’re running out of steam, 20% feels like a thousand and when the correct door appears, or rather, man, it’s open to explore.

Number Three:

They want their men to pay attention.

Jealousy is like seasoning on a plate, too much can kill the taste, but just the right amount can be a pleasant delight. Some women do not intend to leave their men, but if they have exhausted all their other options to make them behave, deception can be the final impact factor to force them to pay attention. Remember that when you were a child, and you had that new and cute toy that was your favorite to play, another thing made you forget everything about that toy until you saw that your friend was trying to take it home and almost broke it. Now, I am by no means saying that adult men and women are like toys, but the reaction from then until now is the same.

Number four:


Comfort has to be the number one reason why so many women get involved in office romances. Simply because they are able to see the person regularly. This is also the reason why office romances tend to be explosive. People gossip and in a short time you are not only hurting the person you love, but you start hurting your reputation.

Do not be fooled Men and women are not so different. We all have a desire to feel loved. A good woman can truly be a blessing to her man, but take her for granted and be careful!

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