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An unfaithful wife – Why do men cheat?

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You may distrust that your husband cheats but does not have proof. If you have a bad feeling, something is happening, then it probably is. Suppose you knew why men cheated on their wives and could solve that problem in your relationship. Do you think your husband would cheat you … maybe and maybe not?

What would happen if you knew what makes a man cheat and you could cheat the test of your marriage? Would not that be great? Well, there’s no guarantee that your husband will not cheat, but there are some things you can do to decrease the odds.

  • First, some men are going to cheat no matter what. They like the thrill of persecution and thrive on adrenaline. It’s like the dog that chases the car tire only to be confused about what to do with it once it catches it, so they move from one tire to another and are never quite satisfied. Some men operate in the same way jumping from woman to woman and are never satisfied.
  • One of the most common reasons men say they cheat is that the other woman is kind to them. A man may feel unappreciated or less loved at home. Later, when someone enters the image that tells him how good he looks or how smart he is, his longing for appreciation is fulfilled.
  • The other woman likes to do exciting things. When someone marries for the first time, they travel and do exciting things together. As time goes by, the exciting trips decrease and you get to the point that going to the grocery store is almost all the excitement that exists. A new woman is ready to go do new and interesting things, like traveling, going to new restaurants or taking the opportunity to do it in public. Again, this is a career for a man who is living a somewhat mundane life.
  • Then, of course, there is sex, although this is not the main reason why men cheat. Think about when you were dating or when you married your husband. The sex was new and alive. It was exciting and something of an achievement. The biggest mistake that women make in this area is to take it for granted and try to make love as if it were a job they should do.

Discover new ways to keep your sex life alive and exciting and your husband will be too tired to look elsewhere. In fact, you can get excited and hope to have a night of love with you that no one can interrupt.

  • Dating is fun. Most men miss appointments. You know the emotion of the unknown result. Then, why not go out with your husband? You do not always have to end up in the bedroom, but if you do it at times, your husband’s interest will definitely increase. Choose one night to have an appointment each week, and I bet your husband will be overwhelmed with anticipation. Make sure you include something special that he does not know and can not stop thinking about you until your next nighttime appointment.

Now that you know what to do to help cheat your marriage, first find out if you are cheating and then go from there.

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