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Married men cheating – Is your man really single?

Are you dating a guy that seems too good to be true? Does your instinct tell you that something is not right with your relationship? Could it be possible that your strange behavior means you are married? Cheating married men are very common. It is also extremely painful for both the woman he is dating and the woman he is married to. If you suspect that your boy is not all that he seems, knowing these signs behind the possibility that you go out with a married man cheating can save you a little bit of anguish later on in the future.

Have you ever been to his house?

Although it happens occasionally, very rarely married men who cheat carry women to their home. If you two have been together for quite some time and have not yet seen your door, this could be a sign that you are married. The other possible reasons for not seeing your home are that you live with your mother and are ashamed to let you know, or that you are homeless. Apart from that, you can guess that he is married.

Are you in your inner circle?

Married men who cheat usually do not present their girlfriends to their friends and family. If he is married and he presents them to you, he may have some really close friends who are not going to spill the beans to his wife. If you have met your friends and still suspect that you are dating a married man who is cheating, try to talk about how lucky you are to have him and how surprised he is that he is not married. If you get some uncomfortable glances from him or one of his friends, the concert is ready. The odds are that at least one of them will reveal the secret by their body language.

Strange phone calls and schedules

Most married men who cheat have to keep their girlfriends secret from their wives. As a result, you may avoid phone calls when you are with you or get up and take them. Do your dates always take place or end at approximately the same time or on the same days? Are you only allowed to speak at a certain time of the day? These are all indicators that you could be involved with a married man. Married men who cheat are very rarely spontaneous and usually have friends scheduled around their wives’ lives so they do not catch them.

For the record

Very few of the married men who cheat are aware of the fact that marriage documents are available to the public. Try looking for your name in your city, state or county. If you take out a marriage certificate or a woman’s name with yours, you probably have discovered your secret.

What to do if you are married

Many women stay with married men cheating because they feel they are in love. Although this may be true, married men who cheat rarely leave their wives. And, to be honest, even if he did, if your boy was cheating on his wife, then it’s very likely that he cheated on you too. Married men who cheat often have a long history of cheating. You probably have not been the first and probably not the last. If you find out you’re dating a married man, it’s better to break it up immediately.

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